koc0021 - Morgan Del Ray vs. Nikki Next Fight 2

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My idiot sound guy messed up while shooting this video, and he didn't capture the audio for the last ~3 minutes of action. I'm He's sorry.

The video is about 13 min, 40 seconds (the last 3 min and 15 seconds were missing audio). I added 2 short outtakes after the video, so the clip ends up being just under 14 min, 45 seconds in total.

Nikki Next was crowned the hottest girl in the bikini contest. Congratulations Nikki on the well-deserved 1st place victory!

Morgan Del Ray was one of her competitors in the contest, but sadly, Morgan didn't place and was sent home with only the words: "Thanks for participating, better luck next time :(".

The video begins with the girls returning to their hotel room, and Nikki can't stop gushing about her new bikini contest title - rubbing it in Morgan's face and mocking Morgan for losing to girls with less flattering figures.

Morgan has had enough of Nikki's mouth, and it's time for physical retaliation. She pounds on Nikki's tummy with her fists, then stretches Nikki backward over her knee. Morgan orders Nikki to remove her 1st place crown and sash, and Nikki can do nothing but comply.

Suddenly, Nikki catches Morgan with an elbow to the gut, and the tables are turned. Nikki goes to town on Miss Morgan and really works over the beauty contest loser, stretching her bikini body in all sorts of holds and knocking Morgan out multiple times.

As if it wasn't enough that Morgan was unranked in the bikini contest, she also ends up physically defeated and humiliated by the winner. Morgan is left hog tied using Nikki's 1st place sash! Poor, poor Morgan.

Once again, congratulations Nikki! And Morgan... thanks for participating, better luck next time :(

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Feb. 21, 2022
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koc0021 - Morgan Del Ray vs. Nikki Next Fight 2

2 ratings
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